Producers of ‘Resident Evil 7’ Talk About Getting Back to the Roots and the Controversial ‘Resident Evil 6’

resident level 7

Producers of ‘Resident Evil 7’ talk about getting back to the roots and the controversial ‘Resident Evil 6’. Today, Resident Evil 7, a full-fledged reboot, is coming to the shops as much as it has a numbered release, and at Gamespot they have talked to producers Masachika Kawata and Jun Takeuchi.

Among some of the most interesting statements, they confess that it was ‘Resident Evil 6’ and the feedback from many players that led them to give this 180 degree turn to the franchise.

‘Resident Evil 6’ marks the lowest mark in Metacritic for all major releases, and even though it was not even a sales failure, that did not go unnoticed by Capcom. The change that brought ‘Resident Evil 4’ was not bad, but ended in a torrent of action in ‘Resident Evil 6’ that has absolutely nothing to do with the essence of the brand.

Takeuchi, while asserting that it is a game beloved by some, is aware of that fact, and so he says in that interview:

“After ‘Resident Evil 6’, we had a lot of fan feedback,” Takeuchi says. “I think a lot of people love that game, because it’s a dream team of their favorite heroes working as a team, but at the same time, we know that there are people who think that we are too far away from the roots of survival horror. Did take a step back and consider what the genre and ‘Resident Evil’ means for us. It simply gives the fact that what the fans wanted and what we wanted to do we fit, gave me the confidence to do something radical and reinvent the Serie”.

With a middle 74, ‘Resident Evil 6’ is no less than 10 points below ‘Resident Evil 5’ in Metacritic. However, now ‘Resident Evil 7’ boasts a good 86, so it seems that Capcom has made the right move. We have ‘Resident Evil 7’ a good 9 in our analysis.


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