Project Scorpio, this is how the front panel of the dev kit works

Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio, the new Microsoft console that will hit the stores this year, is seen in a new and short video. Even though we are not ahead of the commercial version of this console but the important aspect is the development kit they have had access to different studies.

Project Scorpio

Recently many things has been said about the development kit of Project Scorpio, mainly pertaining to the very peculiar feature that is it’s front panel. A front panel that we know will not be present in the final version and which allows is to have interesting data like the frame-rate of the software that is running at the moment.

Much more than an accountant

Well, today we found out through a video, that this front panel offers more options than it may seem with the naked eye, as it is a fully programmable facet of Project Scorpio. So, it will rest on the companies to decide whether or not they want to show its panel at all times, something really interesting, right?

The most striking thing in this video posted by Jez of WindowsCentral on Twitter, is something that we can see as it is shown in the panel, a brief video featuring dolphins which is something that you can imagine and that has nothing to do with frame rates or other technical sections of Project Scorpio.

More about this is still unknown but the striking thing still is the fully programmable front panel. However, from the information known so far we know that whether or not this front panel is approachable in the device would depend entirely on the company of the device which we bought. So this gives more control to the company and provides users with a choice on whether or not they want the device with full programmable front panel.


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