PS4 games to run on Windows thanks to PlayStation Now

Playstation Now

PlayStation Now is the cloud-based subscription service of PlayStation, which gives users access to a series of titles to play them directly without the need for previous downloads thanks to its streaming technology. At the moment since Sony does not give much information about it, they only promise to share more information as the official launch approaches.

For now, the only thing they have pointed out is that in the coming weeks will begin a test in private phase with the integration of PS4 game titles on PlayStation Now. In this regard it should be noted that currently it has a catalog of 483 games titles of the PS3 allowing subscribers of this service play directly from the service cloud on both PS4 consoles and Windows computers.

The launch of PS4 games to PlayStation Now will mean that users can start their games either on their PS4 consoles or on their Windows computers and continue on the same platforms. We also assume that subscribers will not have the need to have PS4 consoles to play PS4 games. Of course, it is quite likely that there are titles that are exclusively for PS4 so that it could take them to PlayStation Now.

In this regard it will be better to wait for more official data to know what the range of PS4 games that will enter the catalog of PlayStation Now. At the moment, current subscribers are likely to receive an email invitation to join the private phase so they urge them to be vigilant.


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