Q And A Related To Latest Tubemate 2018

What is Tubemate?

Tubemate is the best source to download YouTube videos and this app is totally free app. As you know, there are many huge YouTube downloader apps on various website that you can download and use amazingly. It has some cool features and all the features are like a bundle that you need anytime as a YouTube downloader. So, here I will already discuss a lot of features of this amazing app and below you can get the downloading process of Tubemate.

What Is The Latest Version of Tubemate App?

Here in this Tubemate app, you can get various versions such as Tubemate 3.0.12 (1039) APK, Tubemate 3.0.13 (1040) APK, Tubemate 3.0.14 (1041) APK, and Tubemate 3.0.15 (1043) APK. But the latest version of this app is 3.1 (1053) APK 2018. This version is too smooth and easy to use. It is a user-friendly app and over millions of users are using the Tubemate app.

How Do I Store Tubemate Videos On An Sd Card In Android?

Before download Tubemate on your PC, you have to know how to store Tubemate videos on SD card. The process of downloading directly on SD Cards are not available right now from Android KitKat version and above. When you want to download the videos on an SD Cards, you have two methods.

If You Have Root Access Then Below Are The Things That You Can Do.

  • Download SDfix from your Google Play Store, it is totally free.
  • Now start the SDfix,  because the SDfix will make writable of your SD card.
  • Open the Tubemate and click on the three dots, three dots will show in the white corner of your screen.
  • Click on the preferences option and can change the folder of your storage as desired.
  • Now, the process will be done.

When You Have Not The Root Access Then What You Can Do.

  • Go to the Tubemate app and click on the preferences option.
  • Now choose the storage to external.

Only the problem, in this case, is that the data will directly Android-> data-> devian.tubemate.home. And due to default settings, the location cannot be changed. But I hope that the above mention steps can help you with it.

How Do We Install And Download Tubemate on PC?

First of all, I will very clearly ask you that the Tubemate app is not developed for PC. The developers have built this app for Android and it also has popular on this platform. But don’t worry about that, here I am going to ask you how you can download Tubemate for PC.

  • Before downloading you need to download an Android emulator on your PC. But I preferred you to download Bluestack. Because at this time, it is the best emulator ever. And the emulator will allow you to download any Android app on your PC.
  • After downloading the emulator, now it’s time to download and install the Tubemate through by this emulator.
  • Open the Bluestack and write the app name in the Search box option.
  • After searching result, you will show your app on the display screen.
  • Tap on the Tubemate app and Click the install button.
  • After completing the installation, you can enjoy the app on your PC.

Is There Is Similar App To Tubemate?

Although you can get many similar apps to Tubamate. But today I am discussing only two similar apps.

YouTube Plus:

YouTube Plus is a similar app to Tubemate and it is free to add to the Google Chrome web browser and Firefox which will provide you to improve your YouTube experience with dozens of configuration options.


This app is the same as the Tubemate app. Through by this SnapTube app, you can download YouTube videos and kind of kinds of music within a seconds. It is a very easy, free, and fast app to download YouTube videos.


Tubemate is a YouTube downloader app. You can get this app totally free. Above I have mentioned various topics about Tubemate and the downloading process will help you to use this app on your PC devices also. Around this article, if you have any questions then you can definitely ask me through by our comment section.


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