Qualcomm confirms the arrival of ARM powered Windows 10 laptops

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In late 2016, Microsoft unveiled along with Qualcomm that it was launching a version of Windows 10 compatible with ARM processors. ARM chips are used in mobile phones and tablets and do not usually require dissipation because of their low power consumption and low heat generation, making them ideal for mobile devices.

Computers with Windows 10 ARM will arrive at the end of the year

Processors based on ARM architectures have achieved really good performance in recent years, and now we have the Snapdragon 835 which is more powerful than the processors found in some laptops and convertibles, such as Intel Core i5-6200U or Intel Core m3-7Y30. This demonstrates that this processor is more than enough capable of running office tasks with the complete Office suite, as well as edit images in Photoshop just as Microsoft demonstrated a few months ago, or play PC games.

Initially Microsoft reported that the first computers with Windows 10 and ARM processors would arrive sometime in 2017 and Qualcomm has closed the siege on the date of arrival. It will be sometime between October and before Christmas when the users can buy devices with Windows 10 other than the x86 chips.

Qualcomm announced it at the earnings presentation for the first quarter of 2017. They said it was a great opportunity to revolutionize the market for consumer computers and data centers, because its low consumption will arouse the interests of companies with multiple servers. For these latest customers, Windows Server for ARM will be the software option that Microsoft has at hand.

The input range of Intel, the main competition of these new chips

The competition that these processors are going to find today are the Intel chips with the suffix U and the Core m3. Manufacturers will have to first analyze the point that Windows functions properly before launching to make computers with Snapdragon processors. These computers are known as “mobile computers”, and can play 4K thanks to the Adreno 540 graphics chip that equips the Snapdragon 835.

Therefore, we will not see an avalanche of devices at first, but will gradually reach the market when you see the demand they have. It is clear is that we are going to see laptops much lighter and much finer than what we have seen in these past years, because with a motherboard the size of one that we find in mobile you can get a very good user experience.

In addition to laptops and tablets with these chips and Windows 10 ARM, it is also very likely that on those dates we see a mobile with Windows 10 complete. Seeing that Microsoft has given up with Lumia; a move that may be in favor of the anticipated Surface Phone, which would unify the concepts of mobile and computer for the first time in a single device without sacrifices. On this mobile, Microsoft has not made a single comment, but it is a matter of time before it comes to light.

Along with this novelty, Microsoft also confirmed yesterday that Windows 10 Redstone 3 will arrive in September, having changed its schedule to organize every 6 months a large update for Windows and Office, that arrives promptly in March and September each year.


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