Qualcomm Responds to Apple by Saying that its Accusations “Have No Basis”


Yesterday we saw how Qualcomm received a lawsuit from Apple in which the Cupertino company asked them for a billion dollars, arguing that the manufacturer makes unfair use of royalties for technologies that it should not appropriate. Well, in Qualcomm they have not stood by and have already answered.

The creator of Snapdragon chips and Apple supplier has said that the claim “has no basis” and that everything is the result of misinterpretation. In addition, Qualcomm has accused those of Cupertino of forcing the regulations on us “disguising facts and hiding information”.

Is this the trigger for action? There is discussion on both fronts. Our colleagues add that Apple could use this to achieve better financial results in the future, now that iPhone sales have come down and on the other hand Qualcomm may also be a target for research by the European Union and Taiwan.

Right now the worst thing for Qualcomm is that several companies take advantage of Apple’s demand to create a front against it, so we will have to follow closely how this demand progresses. So far Qualcomm has said it has no problem filing in front of the courts and “demonstrating Apple’s practices” by unearthing the war ax. I can already imagine the law firms scrubbing their hands.


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