Quora test a question and answer service via video

quora video

When we want to solve some doubt and we want to the answer in the form of a video presentation, we usually go to YouTube, but now in Quora they think they can do it better.

Just as they have achieved excellent reputation in the world of quality questions and answers, now they also plan to expand their possibilities with the video format and for that they have already started some initial tests.

This has been the week when Quora began to test the new video responses feature, where a group of users from the beta group have been able to record these responses from the mobile to complement the possible ones that are made in text. These videos can be viewed by anyone on the platform just like the rest of the answers.

However, where it was possible to put a YouTube link in response to a question, now they want users to be able to upload a video directly on their platform, thereby it staying on Quora’s servers and not relying on any external tools.

These Quora video responses will be classified depending upon how useful they are to the community and not just how they are shared and promoted, so we may be able to see some list of “most popular videos” within relatively short time.

They comment on TC that it will also be possible to lower the popularity of a video based on negative votes, so its visibility will always depend on acceptance by the community.

It could be a great competitor for several video platforms, without a doubt. However, Quora has never been that fast especially when concerning implementation of new features in its system. On the other hand we do hope that Quora succeeds in this conquest as it would make it easier for users to have a video presentation to clear any doubt and it will save some time too.


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