Quora to put restrictions on anonymous users to curb possible abuse

Quora, the “knowledge sharing” Q & A service, will launch a new experience for anonymous users with the aim of avoiding possible abuse of this form of participation in their social platform. These changes will take effect on March 20, and in the coming days more information will be offered regarding the transition to this new experience of participation for anonymous users.

From Quora it has been stated that the content contributed by anonymous users will now be checked for spam or any other type of abuse before making it publicly available. In addition, anonymous users will only be able to ask questions and set responses, so that according to the new experience, they will no longer be able to vote, comment, combine questions, suggest edits, send thanks, edit response wikis, revert registration operations or send requests of responses, leaving these functionalities in the hands of only registered users.

Quora points out that the aforementioned functionalities were the most likely to be misused. It adds that the anonymous edition of questions will be reserved only to the anonymous user that formulated them, where in addition all the editions that make on the same will be public.

In addition, user account connections with their contributions to anonymous content will be removed. This will result in the editing or deletion of anonymous questions or responses requiring a specific link for anonymous editing. Finally, it is indicated that they are not going to proceed to eliminate any type of content, where all the existing anonymous contents will remain in the place. The same goes for public content.

Quora through their experience of all these years together with the contributions of other users has come to this decision, where it recognizes that anonymity has made it possible to comment on controversial or sensitive aspects, this form of participation is not exempt from being used abusively, so they have wanted to address it to maintain Quora a true platform to share knowledge.

Source: Quora


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