‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Introduces a New Character Named Jackal

Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has just introduced Jackal, the first agent of the Spanish special forces of ‘Rainbow Six Siege’, which will arrive as part of the ‘Operation Velvet Shell’, the second year of content for the game.

Jackal is the codename of Ryad Ramirez Al-Hassar, a specialist in the steepest terrain of the Special Operations Group (GEO). Jackal is equipped with a C7E and PDW9 as main weapons, and an ITA 12S and USP 40 as secondary weapons. Then we leave you with the official story behind this character.

“Ryad Ramírez Al-Hassar was 9 years old when the political transition took place in Spain, but he did not feel the impact of these changes until much later. His attention was focused on other things, having passed from one family to another, until services Handed him over to his older brother, Faisal, who was old enough to become legal guardian of Ryad.

The brothers Ramírez first appeared in the authorities’ radar on October 8, 1985, when Ryad was found next to the corpse of his brother in an abandoned house in the town of El Príncipe Alfonso. Ryad was 17 years old and needed urgent medical help. There were no witnesses, no murder weapon, no mobile, no conclusive evidence, so the investigators ended up filing Faisal’s death, attributing it to a case of street violence.

After that, Ryad swore he would reveal what had happened and who had killed his brother. When he turned 19, he passed the exams that allowed him to join the National Police Corps and then prepared himself thoroughly to become a member of the GEO. ”

Last week we had the opportunity to take a look at “Litoral”, the new map of ‘Operation Velvet Shell’, set in a holiday complex located on the abrupt coast of Ibiza, Spain.

We leave you with Agent Jackal’s trailer.


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