‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Presents Mira, the Second Agent of the Spanish Special Forces

Last week, Ubisoft revealed the first people of the Spanish special forces, which will arrive at ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ as part of ‘Operation Velvet Shell’, as you can read in this news.

Today we have revealed the identity of the second GEO that will join the team of ‘Rainbow Six Siege’. Under the code name “Mira”, Elena Alvarez will have the ability to make a hole in armored walls and cover the shielded glass, similar to the shield we can see in the Tachanka which according to the history of the game is the work of this agent.

At the moment, as has happened with Jackal, we do not have many details about how they will work inside the game or what all their skills will be, but they have explained the story of this character, which you will find below and a small trailer that You will find the end of the story.

“Elena María Álvarez was born during the political change towards democracy in Spain, raised only by her father, found her vocation working in the family business, and it was there, in the mechanic shop of her father in the Retiro of Madrid, where she learned to Identify mechanical defects in engines and fix all types of vehicles.

After completing secondary education he continued to work, but one day he discovered the employment opportunities offered by the National Police and, wishing to do something useful for society, prepared to join the Corps, which he entered when he was 20 years old. Her physical strength and resilience made her stand out in training, as well as her ability to repair and improve vehicles. A few years later he passed the tests to become a GEO agent and participated in various SWAT melee competitions around the world.”

This is all we know about the two new characters revealed by Ubisoft. We will let you know as soon as some more details are announced.


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