Randy Pitchford: “Probably ‘Borderlands’ Will Not Hit Nintendo Switch”


Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, has recently given an interview to the Glixel portal which among other things has ruled out the arrival of the Borderlands series to Nintendo Switch.

“Someone asked me is there any possibility that ‘Borderlands’ get to the Nintendo Switch?’ And I said ‘probably not.’ “For Pitchford Nintendo is concerned right now about maximizing the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch. There will probably be a lot of people who would love to have a great ‘Borderlands’ experience on a screen of that size, which you can also take with you, but most people who like the great things we’re doing are playing on their televisions with their PlayStation And Xbox, ” explained the CEO of the company.

His general speech has focused on saying that Nintendo is doing quite well by focusing on their licenses with Nintendo Switch, so that can be assured success, but that at the moment the priorities of both companies are quite distant.

It is not really that he disapproved of Nintendo’s strategy, rather he praises it, since he has recognized that at this point he cannot try to compete with Sony and Microsoft offering what they do: “They will win by offering something that others do not can offer “.

Pitchford has not stopped repeating in the interview that he understands that Nintendo has other priorities with ‘Nintendo Switch’ and has tried not to enter an absurd war. In fact, at one point in the talk the CEO has been enthusiastic about the new Big N machine: “I love Nintendo and I think Nintendo Switch is amazing. I cannot wait.”


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