Razer Synapse Pro, soon to be the evolution of Razer software

Razer Synapse Pro

Razer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Gaming peripherals, and has a wide range of weapons for players. However, where their products are generally very good, one of their weaknesses so far has always been their software, Synapse 2.0. Fortunately, the manufacturer is about to make a change in that aspect by making the evolution of its software called Synapse Pro available to the users (in beta stage initially). This software will incorporate many improvements among which it emphasizes that at last the peripherals will save the profiles and configurations in the internal memory.

Synapse Pro

To date, virtually any gaming peripheral has internal memory to store profiles and settings, as well as macros. However, so far the peripherals of Razer only have a tiny memory that allows them to simply save the resolution and lighting settings, and rely entirely on their software, Synapse 2.0, which stores the profiles and configurations in the cloud. So, if we want to use our Razer device in a computer that is not ours with all its facilities, it will be necessary to install the software and to log in with our account (in fact as a general rule as soon as we connect a Razer peripheral to a Windows PC it automatically offers us a chance to download the software).

Fortunately, Razer has realized that this is a big disadvantage, and among the new features that it presents with its new software Synapse Pro is the possibility of having a hybrid storage (as they call it), allowing to save the profile both in the cloud as well as in the internal memory of the device, thus avoiding the need to install the software wherever we go.

The manufacturer also plans to completely renews the interface, making it much clearer and more user friendly (although it was simple and intuitive until now), with a more advanced Macros editor and adding the possibility of incorporating the new feature that they have call “Hypershift”, which allows you to have a “shift” button that will make all the others have different functions as long as we have this one pressed (something Roccat, for example, has always had). They also renew the Chroma Studio lighting editor.

You can take a look at the news and also sign up for BETA if you want by visiting the Razer website.


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