Real image of the Moto X 2017 is unveiled


Motorola has been growing steadily since 2015. Finally they were able compete in the high range with Moto X Style and that year Lenovo bought the company. Last year, for some reasons we had no news about the Moto X of that year, as the high end was the Moto Z, but today, we can see the first real image of the Moto X 2017.

This year, we have already seen the big bet of Motorola in the mid-range with the new Moto G5 Plus. We believe that the company is going the best way possible, but for now, we have only seen the mid-range, the mid-range premium and the high range, and we believe that one of the smartphones that have filtered today is aimed at one of them.

Real Image of the Moto X 2017

The possible features of this new Moto X 2017 were known for quite a white, but today, they are confirmed. It will carry 4 GB RAM with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. Other details to comment on its characteristics is that it will carry the 3.5 mm jack.


In this image of the Moto X 2017, you can see the double camera that we have already commented many times. It seems that this year Motorola wants to focus on the middle and high ranges. We see a metal back that looks a lot like the Moto G. We also know that this device will not be compatible with the famous MotoMods, which apparently are only destined to the high end.

USB Type C is not seen on the prototype. We hope it is prototype problems and the final version does have it, as it has become a standard on all mobile phones this year. We can see that the screen will be 5.5 inches, larger than the Moto G5 Plus, and it will also carry a fingerprint sensor on the front.

We do not have any news about the price and release date of this phone. Its price is assumed to be higher than the current MotoG, as it will be more powerful and will have a bigger screen. Its launch date could be together with the new Moto Z or in a private event in few weeks.


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