Recover 30 gigabytes of your hard drive after installing Windows 10 Creators Update


Windows 10 Creators Update is the second major update to the operating system of the company based in Redmond. Although it can be downloaded for a few days, it was not made official on Tuesday, when we could start getting it through Windows Update. Once installed, the thing does not end there since it is possible to recover a good amount of memory from the hard drive. To do this, we will use a native operating system utility created especially for this task.

The arrival of a great update of the operating system is always good news. At a stroke, we have new functionality, bug fixes and closed security holes. However, it also requires us to pay a little more attention to the installation process, possible driver and application incompatibilities and some other issues. Among them is the hard disk space that the updates can consume.

Free up to 30GB of hard disk space after installing Windows 10 Creators Update

After installing Windows 10 Creators Update we will be able to release a good amount of gigabytes from the computer. To do this, we need the Disk Cleanup tool that is installed by default in the operating system. This is something that we should do from time to time, especially when you perform a mass update or change versions.

Once we have opened the tool, we will select the disk unit that we will want to clean. At a first glance it indicates that we can release an amount of space between temporary, recycle bin and others. However, our main interest is achieved by clicking on the “Clean System Files” button.

Again, we will choose the unit and press “OK”. In a few seconds, we will get a more complete listing of everything we can eliminate. Now we will look for the option of “Previous Installations of Windows” that can get to accumulate a whopping 30GB of space on our hard drive.

We will mark this option and press OK. It will ask us if we are sure and will even show us some safety warning. We will click on “Delete files” so that everything is deleted from the disk. In a few seconds the process will be finished and we will have recovered a good piece of our hard drive.


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