Recuva Review: Software to recover deleted files


Here I bring to you Recuva review, a software that helps to recover deleted files. There are many free data recovery programs that can help you recover your accidentally deleted files. These file recovery programs can help you recover, or “recover files” on your computer.

Files you have deleted are still present on your hard drive (or USB drive, or media card, smartphone, etc.) and can be recovered using free data recovery software.

Fortunately for this there are programs like Recuva with which we can recover from our PC any files lost or accidentally deleted, either on our local hard drives or any other removable drive, such as external memories, USB stick, cameras or cards memory.

Recuva, from the same creators of CCleaner

For those who do not know, we mentioned before that the software that we recommend to recover deleted files completely was created by the same developers who made the well known CCleaner which takes care of cleaning our computer in such a way that greatly improves the performance of our equipment. A similar program to this is the JetClean, which we have already talked about.

How is it used to recover files?

Developed by the guys behind CCleaner, its operation is almost identical to that of the optimizer and cleaner. Simply install the program, choose the folder or drive, and click the Scan button. The application will show us a list of all recoverable files, including photos, documents, executables and other files that we may not have seen in our lives.

Just scroll through the list and select the file (s) you want to recover (you have the possibility to operate on the files individually or in batches) and click on the Recover button to return them to their original location.

It not only serves to recover, but also to erase permanently.

How long does it take to recover my files or photos? Well the recovery process itself is almost instantaneous. What takes the most is the scanning of the location where the files have been deleted or lost and, obviously, that time will depend on the size of the folder and the number of documents present in it.

Main Features of Recuva

  • Recovers accidentally deleted files from hard disks, removable drives or cameras.
  • List of files found next to its preview and degree of recoverability.
  • Filter results by name, file size, modification date, or path.
  • Color code that indicates the probability of success in recovering the file: green, orange or red.
  • Possibility of performing a deeper scan of our storage units.
  • Option to save the list of recoverable files as a TXT.
  • Permanent deletion of files by overwriting them.

As you may have imagined, this program is not the only one of its nature or characteristics. There are many other alternatives to recover deleted or lost files from our PC like Panda Recovery, Wondershare Data Recovery, Get Data Back, etc. However the most commonly used application, by functions and options, is EasyRecovery from Ontrack.

File recovery with Piriform support.

Now obviously you’re wondering what option we recommend you to install on your PC. The truth is that both programs are very similar and at the end of the day, in most cases, they achieve their task which is to recover our files. However, Recuva has a couple of advantages over his rival. On one hand, it has the experience of a group of developers such as those of Piriform, already accustomed to dealing with any type of problem, and on the other hand, it is totally free whereas EasyRecovery only offers us a trial version limited to 30 days of use.

Is there a Recuva for Android?

Due to the great utility of this program, users of other platforms are incessantly looking for a Mac or Android version to recover their files on these systems. Unfortunately there is no type of DMG or PKG for the Apple operating system, although many developers try to offer programs with similar characteristics.

There is also no APK to install on your smartphone or tablet, but you can always choose to connect your mobile device directly to the computer and enable USB Debugging mode for Windows to recognize it as a removable drive. From there you will be able to scan your phone in search of lost files as if it were a folder of your computer.

Final Recuva Review

Recuva helps recover deleted files

Although none of the free programs and payments can be infallible, that is, meet all expectations by recovering each of the deleted files. It is good to have at hand an application that can be useful to give us a hope that what we have erased unintentionally or rather without thinking the consequences, we can manipulate again.
And for this particular process we recommend a very attractive software called Recuva, from which we can recover deleted files.

If you are interested in recovering completely deleted information from your computer, the program you need to have to restore those files is called Recuva. We recommend this program because it is one of the best free software that circulates over the Internet.

Operation of Recuva

After downloading this program and installing it, we can perform a complete review of our computer. Recuva will give us a list of recently deleted files, as well as other items that could be recovered. We will be able to select among those smooth documents that we consider useful to be available again. Afterwards we will have to press a button from which will begin the process of reconstruction of the selected files.

Recuva recover deleted files

Among the elements that Recuva is able to recover, we must highlight the songs in different formats (mp3, wma, others), as well as accidentally deleted photos of our digital camera and videos.

A feature that we must emphasize of Recuva is that, like CCleaner it is also very simple to use and one that will not demand advanced knowledge in computer science or anything similar. This gives the possibility of a user with basic knowledge that has lost information in recovering that information very easily.

Recuva is a simple program but above all one of the fastest in its style which allows us to be able to get our hands on those accidentally deleted files in a few minutes and without having to resort to register to forums to ask the most recommended methods to recover deleted files.


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