Other Related love words, Nick Name & Phrases for valentine day | funny word list

Are you in love with someone? If yes then its the perfect time to disclose your love. Valentine’s day is here. The day in which every people who love another share their hearts sayings. How many to say this? There are terms to define your love. Like ‘I Love You”, ‘Like You” and all. But when we faced the real situation, of being in a date or situation in which we are proposing someone, we get nervous. You may don’t know English, many people don’t know English but Don’t worry about it, have a great idea to be a winner. Then make them swoon this Valentine’s Day with this vocabulary list of romantic English words and related love words. Those words will give you positive attitude.

Let’s move on.

1. To flirt (verb)

Flirting means you are behaving as though attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions. There are many ways to flirt, you can start with a word, or you can flirt with your looks too. “You look cute today!” these sentence is indicating to flirting. learn and rock.

2. To have a crush on someone (phrase)

If you have a crush on someone, it means you are liking someone secretly and wants to convince. You are always looking for the opportunity to be more than friends with them.

3. Will you like to go out with me? (phrase) -or- Would you like to go out with me?

Do you like someone and want to go out, spent time together? Perhaps, you want to go with him/her for a movie date or a dinner date, but you are not sure with your speaking and English? Don’t fear; the above phrase is too simple.

4. Serenade (verb/noun)

In the old day’s people are too crazy for love, these days also but then people used to win over their love by playing or singing a romantic piece of music. In valentines day you may see many musicians, bands in many phases of the city but then musicians will walk down the street and mumbling some lovely love songs to create a magical romantic moment.

5. Table for two (phrase)

Valentine’s day is the most fantastic day or the couples, there are lots of fun ideas and ways. If you are planning for a romantic dinner date and going out then learn the above phrase, it will help you. If you are visiting any restaurant, then the staff may ask you how many people there are in your party and know you know what to answer.

6. To admire (verb)

To admire means that you are looking for them, respect them, and in some sense, you are in love with them. Meaning of admiring changes person to person for examples You could admire your boyfriend or girlfriend (which is a stronger feeling) or you could admire your parents (respect them)

7. Be Mine (phrase)

This one is the most used phrase used over on the valentines day cards. The person who is sending you cards, gifts with this words noted then, that person must be wanted you to know that he/she likes you. It’s a cute way of saying “I’m into you!”


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