Relax, WhatsApp Will Not Notify Your Contacts When You Take a Screenshot of the Conversation


If you have heard in the last few hours that WhatsApp will start notifying your callers when you take screenshots of the conversations with them, you can rest easy because it is not true, it is a new hoax.

The information that has begun to circulate on Internet affirms that this new functionality will take effect on 5th of February, and even quotes to WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum, confirming this functionality.

However, there are some details that make you suspect that this story is not real. In the first place, no major website has echoed this false news.

Secondly, if you search the Internet for Koum’s statement, you will not find it anywhere. Finally, it seems that the website that originally published that story is called 8SHIT and is a humor website.

The problem of fake news is increasing day by day to which both Facebook and Google are finding ways to curb them. Facebook is including a new feature where you can report such fake news.

The problem with such headlines is that they attract the attention which makes people share them. In case you receive such news in future, it is better to cross check with a popular media website.

So, relax if this news had been causing you discomfort as Whatsapp will not be notifying anyone for the screenshots taken.


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