Remove the “Little traffic in your area” warning from Google Maps on Android


It is becoming more frequent that the applications keeps track of our locations so that the they can know where we are, what we are going to do and show us information that may be of special interest depending on our activity. While many times these notifications usually arrive at a time when they are useful, other times they can become annoying and serve us nothing, as it happens to most with the notifications of “Little traffic in your area” in Google Maps.

Google Maps is one of the basic applications that usually come installed on Android. This application allows us to use our device as a map or GPS to be able to go to places by car, walking or public transport. In addition, it offers real-time information about our route, such as whether the traffic is in good condition or, on the contrary, there may be a traffic jam.

Unfortunately, for some time now, the application shows us an annoying notification, “Little traffic in your area” that tells us the state of traffic on our phone. If we usually take the car it can be useful, but in most cases it is not, so many want to turn it off. In addition to avoid these notifications and save battery, we can also prevent the application from following us all the time.

This notification is concretely generated by the “Near Traffic” module of Google Maps, which gives us real-time traffic information in our area to help us avoid traffic jams, accidents, etc. Luckily, this notification is very easy to deactivate and then we explain how to do it easily from the settings menu of Google Maps.

In addition to turning off the near traffic feature and turning off the “Low traffic in your zone” notification, we can also completely silence Google Maps notifications if we do not need them.

Maps is one of the Google applications that occupy more space and, moreover, it consumes more data, so, unless we need to use it for some special reason, it is also a good idea to disable it (and, if we are root, even Uninstall it) to prevent it from following us in our day to day activities.


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