Researchers create small Robot System to fight Cancer

Researchers at Philips Innovative Technologies have developed a system that allows micro robots to be used as part of treatment for cancer patients by introducing them into their bodies.

It is not the first initiative that proposes injecting small robots into the patient’s body to help combat certain diseases. But this proposal is different because it has managed to control the individual behavior of these tiny robots using magnetic fields.

This is a breakthrough, since up until now, it was a great challenge to use magnetic fields to control the micro robots, since they all reacted to the stimulus at the same time, which can cause serious complications.

But from this new study that they have presented, the effectiveness of this medium can be enhanced, since each robot can receive individual indications, to perform complex tasks inside the body. This results in multiple benefits, such as applying the treatment only to the affected cells.

The dynamic they propose is, to hide these tiny robots in microscopic pills, so that they “travel” by the body without causing damage, until they locate the cancerous cells. At that time, the professionals would tell the robots, release the necessary dose for the removal, and once they have been destroyed, change their positions or remove them.

Many investigations and processes are still lacking for a system of these characteristics to see the light, but these researchers have made significant progress, worth sharing. We can see all the details of this research in Science Robotics.

ScienceMag : Robotics


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