Resistance test results of the HTC U Ultra and its crystal body

HTC U Ultra

HTC seems to be spending the last cartridges of its high range, since after the HTC One M9 and HTC 10, with which the brand has not obtained good results. They have bet everything to the new HTC U Ultra, its terminal with Snapdragon 821 processor and an attractive design led by a glass body. This new terminal has recently arrived in stores go through all kinds of tests that measure their resistance. This is the case of this test of resistance of the HTC U Ultra that tests, among other things, its crystal body.

Awaiting the HTC 11 which will probably arrive in mid-year with the Snapdragon 835 processor, the HTC U Ultra is the new high end appetizer of the firm, and stands out for a dual display as the LG V20 and an attractive body of glass decorated with attractive colors.

Resistance test of HTC U Ultra

Undoubtedly the crystal finish of the HTC U Ultra and its wide range of colors is one of the most interesting features of this new high-end phone from HTC. This time the resistance of the HTC U Ultra is tested with different punching tools, which have shown that despite its glass finish, the HTC U Ultra is able to withstand deep scratches. Both on the front and on the back of the body, the scratches are practically not appreciated. Even the lens of your camera does not flinch at the passage of the blade on its surface.

Different is the case of the Home button with fingerprint reader, which sees how the painting easily rises, but despite this the reader still works perfectly. It also easily lifts the paint on the hoop of the camera, although the important thing comes at the end of the video. Leaving aside the test in which the deep punch is able to scratch deeply the back of the phone, we see how the lighter is able to darken the screen enough, until disappear in a few seconds.

The most important test is mostly the bend test, or what is the same, the resistance to bend the HTC U Ultra. And here the attractive design and beautiful glass finish play a trick. Because despite resisting bending, the signs of torsion in your body are very clear. Standing bent slightly and with all its glass back completely broken. You just have to notice how the pieces of glass jump through the air as a result of the pressure while the phone is folded. In short, a design of glass that withstands domestic scratches very well, but that is not able to resist this twist, since the glass is too delicate when these type of forces are exerted.


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