‘Rime’ will last about 8-10 hours and will not have DLC

After a few years in silence, finally ‘Rime’ from Tequila Works is about to be completed and only the final touches are left to be made. This game will come in May to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

In recent interviews, creative director Raúl Rubio and chief designer Kevin Sardà have commented on the content of Rime, the future of his DLC and why he has spent so much time without sharing any news to the media.

It will have a considerable duration, and no DLC

As for the duration, Sardá has responded that the game can last between eight and ten hours, although that number may be higher or lower depending on the style of play of each player. Sardá warns that the game has a very definite end and does not believe that it is replayable, beyond that a player will not find all the secrets of the island in his first game and decide to discover them all in a second adventure.

On the question of whether there will be DLC, Raul Rubio has completely ruled out development of additional content for ‘Rime’. Rubio also clarified that one of the most important factors that did not match the game made them remove playable elements that did not reflect the idea of an eight year old boy discovering an island.

One of those elements eliminated was the need to seek resources for the protagonist to recover energy that was discarded for creative reasons, as well as for the protagonist to wear armor or fight with a sword.


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