‘Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’ to host its sixth beta phase

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam;

Currently, there are many games, especially multiplayer, that choose to perform beta phases open or by invitation. Thanks to this, the developers have a chance for a much wider testing, saving a lot of money in both personnel and equipment. This is also beneficial for players, as it allows them to test the game in advance and thus decide if the game is to their liking before paying for it.

This new beta will come with a number of significant changes that the studio will test within this version of the game to see how they work inside the game and whether they need more modifications before reaching the final version of the title.

Easy Anti Cheat: That system to avoid cheats and hackers will be implemented in this version.

Progression: Although there are several bugs known in this system, it has integrated the possibility to progress and raise ranks to unlock more personalization of character.

Failed fixes: Several known cases that caused the game to stop responding have been fixed.

Improvements of optimization: thanks to these improvements, the game should work better and in a more fluid way for all the players.

Environment collisions: The player’s collision system with the environment has been improved on certain maps to prevent the player from getting stuck in some areas.

Other additions that will come in this version will be improvements in audio, interface and a screen with controls for all those who play the title for the first time.

The invitations for this wave that will start tomorrow are already underway, if you are not yet registered, you can go and register on its official website. You can watch the interview of the developers of his game below:


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