Safari Technology Preview puts the brake on GPU to improve the autonomy

Apple works to improve the autonomy in Safari Technology Preview in a cipher that improves management of the GPU to reduce power consumption.

Most people usually spend long time surfing the web and the more power a browser utilizes, the faster the battery drains.

In the latest version of Safari Technology Preview which Apple has released a few days ago, improvements have been integrated, allowing users to use the browser to increase the battery life of the device. Apple has changed the functionality of the GPU switching for content that use WebGL improving the impact on the consumption of batteries in laptops.

Updates for Safari Technology Preview features are released every two weeks and usually incorporate improvements regarding the rendering and other browser functions. It is the first time that the preliminary release of the Apple browser has begun to integrate technologies that take into account the battery consumption.

Using an algorithm, the WebKit (the “engine of Safari”) is able to determine when to take advantage of the dedicated GPU, avoiding to resort to the latter when it is not necessary, in line with changes those integrated to solve the issue of abnormal consumption of battery by the MacBook Pro which was connected to a Safari bug.

Recall that initially many people complained about the battery life of the new MacBook Pro 2016. Later they found the cause and it was a bug that caused a higher energy consumption. Upon resolution, the Apple Consumer Reports has again performed the tests of autonomy, and this time the MacBook Pro 2016 has passed with flying colors.

So, it is good news that the bug has been fixed and now the Safari browser will now cause less battery drainage on our Macbook.


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