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Safeshare Review: Is it Better than YouTube Premium?

I have been using the YouTube app for the last few years to watch videos of my favorite YouTubers.

However, it was all working fine. Until recently I noticed too many ads.


And soon I got f**king tired to watch them again and again.

So to get away from it. I was looking for some alternative sites.

After trying out multiple sites, I get to know about

Have you ever used this PLATFORM?

If not, I have used this platform on multiple occasions. So, here’s everything I know about this Safeshare:


What is Safeshare?

It’s a legit platform where you can watch YouTube videos without any ads.

Don’t think too much. It provides complete safety and that too without any kind of distractions.

If you’re still didn’t understand, let me give you an example.

Suppose you are loading a web page where there’s a video from YouTube.

You want to watch it, but it has too many ads. Ads that are there to annoy you.

And that’s when you can use Safeshare to watch that particular video. Or any video from the YouTube video-streaming platform.

All you need to do is copy-paste the video URL of that particular video.

What is in it for you?

I get it. Safeshare is a nice app.

But the question still remains what’s in it for you?

What can you do with it?


First, it lets you watch any YouTube or Vimeo video without any ads. Therefore no distractions for you.

So if you are a student watching a YouTube video for educational purposes, then there are no distractions for you.


Second, the website lets you trim the video to the point where you want to watch a particular video. For instance, if you’re watching a video that’s 27 minutes long, but if you have watched its first 14 minutes already, then you can straightaway jump straightaway to 14 plus minutes.

Once a particular YouTube or Vimeo video is trimmed to a particular length, you can share it with anyone including everyone available at the online Google classroom.

If you are a teacher, then this can be quite a useful feature as you can share educational videos with the students present or not present in the class.


Safeshare is a life-saving platform for parents.

YouTube does provide a completely different app for kids known as YouTube Kids.

But that doesn’t live up to the expectations. Even though YouTube claims it to be a safe app for kids.

It is far from being FOOLPROOF.

Do you want to know why?

Well time and again, I have seen them showing inappropriate 18+ ads on the YouTube Kids app.

Not only that it also shows some objectionable videos in the recommendation.

As a parent, you would want your kid to use a safer platform.

That’s where Safeshare can be of great help.

You can set up its privacy filters to control everything your child watches.

How to use SafeShare?

Watching a video on SafeShare is no rocket science.

Simply copy and paste the URL of your Vimeo or YouTube video, to start watching it right away.

And right below that, you get an option to select a particular start and end time to trim the video from a particular point.

Not only that, SafeShare lets you edit the video title and description as per your requirement.

Once done you can generate a short URL or QR code to share that particular video with anyone over the web. Anyone with the QR code can easily scan it using Visualead to start watching the video.

Pros and Cons of Safeshare


✅No one likes complicated stuff. So its simple and easy-to-use interface makes it one of the biggest plus of Safeshare.

✅It provides an awesome user experience by getting rid of unwanted ads from particular YouTube or Vimeo videos Ads can be pretty annoying. You wouldn’t want the ads to attract you especially when a particular work requires hardcore focus. So once again, Safeshare comes to your rescue by removing all kinds of unnecessary stuff from it.

✅It provides a complete completely free signup process. Simply connect your Facebook or Google account with it, and you’re good to go.

✅It lets you edit YouTube or Vimeo videos and once done, share them with anyone you want


❌Even though it provides a completely free signup process. There are some limitations to it and to unlock that limitation, you need to buy its premium plans.

❌Without the premium plan, you can’t even create custom or short URLs that claim past safe use with granule permissions.

Safeshare Pricing

Some might get disappointed after knowing that you have you’d require to pay some money to get access to its premium features.

Features, like custom short URLs, granular permissions, past Safeviews, and unlimited usage.

If you don’t want to buy its premium plan right away, I would recommend you consider using its one-week trial.

Now, try using its premium features. And if you think it is made for you, then purchase its monthly or premium plans.

Its monthly plan costs 4.99 USD. And if you buy its yearly plan, it will cost you $49.99

Frequently Asked Questions

How SafeShare is different from YouTube premium?

For starters, YouTube premium removes ads from its platform. However, you would still get unwanted videos in your recommendation list.

Is there any time limitation on SafeShare links?

No, there isn’t any. The link created by you never expires.

Is SafeShare a legal platform?

Yeah, completely. It uses authorized YouTube developer tools to run youtube videos.

What to do if a particular link isn’t loading up for me?

Well, there are chances that you are using an old or incompatible browser. Try using a new browser or update your existing browser.

Final Words

That is all about SafeShare. What do you think about it?

Is it a better option than YouTube premium?

What about the platform it supports?

Will you use it to watch Vimeo videos ad-free?

And lastly, if you’re impressed with its free service, would you purchase its premium plan?

Well, whatever it is do let me know along with any of your queries in the comments section given below.

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