Sales of Xiaomi in China make Apple suffer

For some time China has been the market that has allowed Apple to continue growing worldwide, but no longer. Just as it happened with the West, now almost all the Chinese who wanted an iPhone already have it. This has made Apple to drop down to the fifth position in the list of companies selling phones in China.

Figures from a recent study by Canalys and reflected by MacRumors estimate that Apple has sold 43.8 million iPhones in China during 2016, while Xiaomi has sold 51.4 million phones and snatches the fourth position.

Huawei, the fantastic Chinese manufacturer sold 76.2 million devices during 2016. It has an increase of more than ten million since 2015, and it continues to secure its first position.

Oppo, is the one that has grown the most. It has gone from selling just over 30 million units to exceed 70 million in a year. In 2016, Oppo sold 73.2 million smartphones and is very close to Huawei. Oppo stays in second place as the company with more sales in the Asian country.

The third place is for Vivo, another company with a spectacular annual growth. Vivo sold 63.2 million devices positioning itself ahead of Xiaomi.

Another fact to bear in mind is that the Chinese smartphone market has grown 11.4% from 2015 to 2016, proving that there are still opportunities in the country. In fact the last quarter of 2016 has been the quarter in which more smartphones have been sold throughout China’s history.

The boom of the iPhone 6 was declining, the Chinese argued the size of the screen as the main obstacle to not having an iPhone. With the arrival of the iPhone 6 that argument fell, which catapulted the Cupertino company’s share to levels never seen. But it seems that unlike other users, iOS and its capabilities do not end up dazzling the Chinese public, who opts for domestic manufacturers and the Android operating system for their needs. This might be the reason that iPhone is selling less and younger companies take a leap ahead of Apple.

However, Apple continues to focus its advertising efforts and production campaigns in China and Hong Kong, as Tim Cook has always considered them as one of the ten most potential markets. India is going to be the new hen of golden eggs for Apple. Apple is trying to re-capture the boom of emerging markets as it did with China in 2014. We do not know how the strategy will go, but is clear is that the good time in China for Apple may be terminated.


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