Samsung Aims for Artificial Intelligence and Flexible Screens for 2017


While it is true that Samsung has a presence in many sectors, ranging from televisions to washing machines, we all agree that the one that interests us most is smartphones.

It has been one of the companies that have surprised us most with its terminals and the design of the same, but it seems that Samsung wants to go further. The 2017 has just begun, and Samsung is clear where it is headed: best low-end phones, Artificial Intelligence and flexible displays.

All this we extract from the report of earnings of the fourth quarter of 2016 of Samsung, which has proved to be a profitable quarter. According to the report, Samsung seems to be putting a brake on the smartphone terrain and targeting the AI sector. So much so that the company has developed its own voice assistant, Bixby, which in future will come in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Without moving from the terrain of mobile phones, Samsung also says it has plans to improve the competitiveness of its mid- and mid-low-end terminals, adding water and dust resistance as well as fingerprint sensor to these ranges. According to the same report, the firm seeks to expand Samsung Pay and Samsung Cloud, seek new opportunities for 4G in emerging markets and improve the safety and quality of its products.

Finally, Samsung expects demand for flexible OLED panels to increase, as will the demand for premium TV screens. It is possible that Samsung already has something prepared in the oven for this 2017, which certainly poses quite interesting. In fact it is not the first time we hear Samsung`s talk about flexible phones. And we love the idea, because when Samsung launches, the rest of companies will also. We can expect great things this year.


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