Samsung Confirms We Will Not See Galaxy S8 in MWC 2017

samsung galaxy S8

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy s8 will not be presented at MWC 2017. Many years we have seen Samsung Galaxy S range present at the Mobile World Congress. It is one of the main attractions of both the South Korean firm and the event. But it seems that this year we will not be able to enjoy such a show, because Dong-jin Koh, the chairman of Samsung’s telephony has finally confirmed that we will not see the terminal in the event, neither in a private stand nor in any way.

It is expected that the launch of Galaxy 8 will be held at Samsung’s exclusive event. The last thing we know by now about this possible event is that it will probably be on March 29, although we had previously talked about it being April 15. The official date is totally unknown.

There was much talk about a possible private presentation for certain media in the MWC: something like a closed-door conference where certain exclusive media would have access to the terminal physically. Now we know that without a doubt those rumors are very far, because in no case it will be this way.

On the other hand, Samsung’s mobile phone president has talked about his Harman / Kardon headphones, which is causing even more hype than the phone itself. It will neither be presented at the MWC, we do not know exactly when, but we believe it will be in the third week of April.

What we are almost 100% sure is that both devices will not be presented at the same event, as Dong-jin Koh talked about the date of presentation of the phone but not the wireless headset. Of the Harman / Kardon he simply devoted himself to disproving myths, and among them several possible dates of presentation.


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