Samsung Flow to allow unlocking any Windows 10 PC from Samsung Phones with Fingerprint Sensors

So far, only users who had a Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, the convertible from Korean company with Windows 10 could make use of Samsung Flow. This application allows you to unlock the tablet/laptop by placing your finger on the fingerprint sensor of a Samsung brand mobile, something that from April can be done with any Windows 10 computer.

Or at least that is what they promise as the Korean company has confirmed to a user through their customer service systems that the application Samsung Flow will be compatible with all computers with Windows 10 before the release of the Creators Update, of which we know since its interface will be NEON that will arrive around the month of April.

Samsung Flow has been launched two years ago and, for the moment, it has only been available to users of the Korean brand. In addition to the function at hand, Samsung Flow offers many other options to users such as the possibility to check the notifications of the phone from the computer screen itself and also to reply through the same, transferring content between the PC and the Mobile, and share different functions between the mobile applications and the desktop of the Microsoft operating system.

The application was launched with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and over time has been becoming compatible with more and more terminals of the Korean brand. At the same time the fingerprint sensor reached more models including those of mid ranges terminals such as the Galaxy A. It is expected that this feature which is now compatible with this system in connection with the Galaxy TabPro S, also becomes compatible with any computer with Windows 10 for the same functions.

Since the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system they have always been indicated that its goal is to create an ecosystem that combines mobility of smartphones with desktop systems . And in fact, we have been seeing how the company of Redmond does not disgust to give way to things as key as Cortana that we can install already in Android and iOS as an alternative to their virtual assistants.

But for now, except for things like Samsung Flow, true integration and synchronization with mobile terminals has not yet come.


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