Samsung Galaxy S8 performance marks new record in Geekbench

Samsung Galaxy S8

Last March 29 the new Samsung Galaxy S8 was presented, which will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of this 2017, and therefore also one of the most powerful mobile of this year. It is something that has returned to demonstrate the phone in one of the most popular performance tests that exist. As the new Samsung Galaxy S8 performance with Exynos processor has set a new high.

A Samsung Galaxy S8 that you can now get for free, courtesy of Topes Range and finally experience firsthand the performance of this great mobile. A Samsung Galaxy S8 that precisely in these days when cyber attacks have put us in check has sealed a great deal with security and antivirus company McAfee.

New roof of Samsung Galaxy S8 performance

As you know, Samsung Galaxy S8 like the previous generations of top range of the Korean company, has two versions powered by two different processors. In this case we have the North American version with the Snapdragon 835 processor, developed next to Samsung in the process of 10nm, and the Exynos 8895, the processor developed by Samsung itself and also has been manufactured in the process of 10nm. Well, today we have seen the results of a test of Samsung Galaxy S8 in Geekbench, and have unveiled a record score in the multi-core test.

Performance of Samsung Galaxy S8

galaxy s8 geekbench

Since the performance of Samsung Galaxy S8 in the performance test has been 2121 points in the test of a single core, up there all normal, but has broken the barrier of 7000 points in the multi-core test, with 7001 points result. This way the top of Samsung marks a new record of performance, at least in this test that is one of those that serves as a reference. However all this is despite the fact that the most powerful processor’s reputation is always that of Snapdragon, in this case a Snapdragon 835 mounted by the North American Galaxy S8.

In any case this test proves that deciding for either version of the smartphones, we are going with a real beast in terms of performance, in line with the other features highlighted by this mobile. Do not be obsessed with this type of testing, but it certainly gives us an idea of how far the mobile’s performance is differential with respect to its competitors.


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