Samsung Galaxy S8, Price and Release Date Filtered

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is perhaps, to this day, one of the most anticipated phones of the moment, and the reasons are not few. This device that has a date of presentation on March 29 has the best specifications that have been seen on any smartphone in a long time.

Unfortunately, until just a few hours ago the exact date on which the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be available, as well as its price, from which we had only heard rumors. Fortunately, thanks to VentureBeat we have been able to know these two details and could surprise more than one user.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available in the US from April 21. Yes, everything points to the expected Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available in the United States from April 21. Unfortunately, at the moment it is unknown whether in addition to the American country when it will go on sale in the rest of the world.

As for price, it is no secret that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a high cost. If the last leak is not wrong, in Europe we will see the 5.8-inch model reach 799 euros, while its larger brother amounts to 899 euros.

This launch price exceeds in 100 euros compared to the original Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, but if we do a review of the characteristics of these terminals, this could be justified. Both the Galaxy S8 5.8-inch model and the 6.2 presume the best specifications ever seen on a phone.

Both devices presumably have a Super AMOLED screen with QHD resolution that covers 83% of the front. Inside you will find the all-powerful Snapdragon 835, a processor that has been reserved almost specifically for these two terminals.

As far as the other specifications are concerned, 4 GB of RAM and a base model of 64 GB of internal storage are expected. Undoubtedly, we are facing two smartphones that should sweep the most immediate competition, although we will have to wait to observe their performance in the real world to measure their performance


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