Samsung Galaxy X, the Era of Flexible Smartphones Could Begin This Year

samsung galaxy 10

If there is something that most experts agree on, it is that the smartphone market has fallen into a somewhat repetitive and lacking in proper innovation. Terminals are renewed by new generations that improve only certain attributes, while the essence itself remains unchanged.

Luckily, 2017 is the year everything could change. According to information the Korea Herald has access to, this year would be the one chosen by Samsung to present its anticipated flexible smartphone, the supposed Galaxy X. Unfortunately, if you want to get one of these terminals, you will have to be very lucky. Samsung could put on sale about 100,000 units of the Galaxy X

The smartphone in question would be a curious mixture between mobile phone and tablet since, presumably, the Galaxy X would have the ability to unfold and increase in size up to 7 inches. But how long has Samsung had this technology? If we ignore leaks, the firm began to develop the project in August.

Nevertheless, we cannot be sure that by the end of the year we will see this technology reach the market. And if we listen to multiple sources, Samsung has not yet decided whether to unveil the expected Galaxy X, due to future complications that could arise in the market.

However, if Samsung wants to be on the brink of innovation, you should hurry. And is that rivals like LG claim to have functional prototypes, which could be ready for marketing by the end of the year. What is clear is that flexible phones are getting closer.

In any case, the future is still uncertain, and there is a lot of time until the end of the year. This time could be used by industry giants to give final touches to their proposals aimed at the ever-closer flexible smartphone market. So, would you be the first to buy a flexible smartphone?


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