Samsung presents the official features of Bixby


After many rumors, Samsung has confirmed much of the official features that surround the new voice assistant that will debut in the Samsung Galaxy S8, Bixby. The press release not only makes official the new software based on artificial intelligence, but it also provides the features of Bixby, its functionality and the points that will differentiate it from the rest of the current alternatives. In the same way, it puts into perspective what the company’s plans are for its development, evolution and implementation in the ecosystem of branded devices.

It was an open secret, although Samsung surprised us by making official their new voice assistant, Bixby. Although we expected Samsung to present the characteristics of Bixby in the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which will take place on March 29 in New York, The Korean firm has confirmed the rumors and in turn has provided the first details of what the new assistant will offer. It will first come in the new S8 and S8 +, and later in the rest of models that will be compatible.

The domain of Bixby will be broad

Much has been speculated about Bixby over the past few months. From the name to details on how it works. Today, after leaks and rumors, we have on the table official information that allows us to know more thoroughly the new voice assistant of the firm, which is scheduled to release the Samsung Galaxy S8 after its commercial launch. However, the plans of the brand look much more ambitious than expected, since Bixby is expected to also land on the rest of the company’s devices.

Features of Bixby

We already know that the Galaxy S8 will debut Bixby and that in turn will be extended to other smartphones that the company decides as compatible, the Asian press release also allows us to know in more depth what the main features of Bixby.

In this regard, it is expected that some of the first to have the privilege of offering the new assistant will be the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. However, the cast of compatible devices will extend beyond the imaginable, since the South Koreans plan to introduce the functions of the same to other equipment, beyond smartphones and tablets. For example, the multinational has indicated that, among other benefits, it will be possible to control household appliances.

One of those star characteristics that will differentiate Bixby from the rest of voice assistants available in the market is its ability to interact in virtually any situation. It means that Bixby will be able to perform virtually any function offered by the graphical interface itself. Unlike Siri, Alexa or Assistant, Bixby will not be limited to specific functions, but to each and every one that the system allows.

To encourage and enhance this usability, Samsung will introduce an exclusive button with which the user can invoke the assistant in any situation. In this way, to give an example, it will be possible to make a call immediately without even the smartphone screen is on.

But if it already sounds attractive, according to Samsung Bixby is prepared to bring artificial intelligence to another level. According to the words of the project manager, the software will be adapted to the needs of the user and not the software. Until now the owner of the device was forced to mention voice commands accurately for the wizard to execute them. Bixby will go further and through a learning system will be able to understand the commands that the user requests without being pre-established by the software by means of predefined commands. And it is that this same will materialize through appreciations and questions.

Apps compatible with Bixby

While Bixby is expected to be able to interact with the user from all system features, tools and apps, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will release some of the new voice wizard’s ability.
The firm will make available to the developers an SDK so that it is possible to adapt all the applications to the characteristics of Bixby. Therefore, the importance of Bixby is the adaptation of Android apps to that assistant, a process of which there are still no details.


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