Samsung will feature an elastic OLED panel and an LCD panel with 2,250 pixels per inch

Samsung OLED

Display Week is the name of an event that brings together leading panel manufacturers to showcase their latest inventions.

Samsung’s screen division is one of the most outstanding, as this year the company will introduce the first “elastic” OLED display at this conference. According to Korean media who have reported the news, the elastic screen is “the most flexible flexible screen to date.”

The panel to be displayed in Display Week has a diagonal of 9.1 inches and can be folded up to 12 mm in both directions, maintaining its high resolution. While today’s flexible OLED displays can be turned into one side, this OLED panel can be transformed in either curved, folded or rolled on both sides.

Samsung will also introduce a 3D OLED panel that does not require glasses. This 5.09 inches screen can be used for a more immersive multimedia experience and for Virtual Reality as it can show objects that are seen differently depending on where the subject is placed.

Another interesting product that Samsung will feature is a 1.96 inches ultra-high definition LCD panel. With a resolution of 3840 x 2160, it has a pixel density of 2,250 dpi. In comparison, the screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 “alone” is 570 pixels per inch.

The panel measures 9.1 inches (about 23 cm) and can be bent to 0.47 inches (12 mm), although this technology is a prototype and is hardly in the early stages of research, so we would not see a phone, wearable or even vehicle autonomous for quite some years.

Some analysts predict fully-folding equipment will arrive in about two years when several companies, which have so far been reserved due to their little experience with this technology, could deploy their patents on commercial products.


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