Samsung’s Flexible Display Mobile Could Show Up at the Mobile World Congress

Samsung’s flexible display mobile is rumored to be shown at the MWC in Fira de Barcelona, Spain.

Over the years we’ve seen many brands innovate the screen of the terminals. Each time the screens are bigger and have features they did not have before, but today, we are going to talk about Samsung’s flexible display mobile, which apparently will be seen later this month.

A flexible display is very difficult to achieve. We have seen how some brands like Samsung innovated in the year 2015 by putting a curved, non-flexible screen, which means they had curved pixels, but could not be molded. We have seen how last year a Xiaomi device with a curved screen was leaked, but it stayed in a prototype.

Some time ago we commented on a Samsung device that had leaked with the name Samsung Galaxy X, which had a flexible display. This screen was a patent that many brands like Xiaomi or Apple were believed to incorporate in their terminals too.

This patent is something that has been working Samsung for some time. As the news that comes to us today, is that the Samsung mobile with flexible display would be see at the MWC in a private event.

This information has been leaked thanks to people in the industry who would be making this kind of screen. This would be the first mobile in history to be flexible, although we have already seen in other presentations as some manufacturers trying to get this technology in market with different prototypes.

The device would not yet be ready for sale, as Samsung would have to first confirm the “presentation” of this device at the Mobile World Congress, and then report on when it will go to the market or, since it is not known if it will be viable.

We have long confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be able to see in the Mobile World Congress, but Samsung would be in this event showing a possible tablet. Also, the Korean company would leave us with great expectations showing this flexible mobile.


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