Samusng Pride will be the First Terminal of Samsung with Tizen 3.0

Samsung Pride

Tizen 3.0 was announced in April last year, almost a year ago. It was known earlier that Samsung would either present a smartphone with this OS at the end of 2016 or early this year, and it seems that the prophecy has been fulfilled.

We already know which is the first terminal that will come from the Samsung factory with Tizen 3.0. It is Samusng Pride whose number corresponds with SM-Z250F-. We do not know anything more about this terminal, nor specifications or aspects. What we know at present is that it will incorporate Tizen 3.0.

Leaving behind the ballast of Android accompanied with all the power of the Samsung software it would become a very good alternative to the current operating systems. Tizen, for the moment is geared to low / medium range devices.

Tizen could be included in future in many devices of the South Korean firm, affirmed a directive of the company. However, the other course that could take and is the one that is most “active” is that it continues to be included only in low-end devices and appliances or watches.

Tizen, just like Ubuntu Touch needs to run APKs. An operating system without many good applications is a dead operating system. We have already suffered with Ubuntu Touch: two years later it has not finished taking off largely because it lacks applications. In Tizen there is a project since 2015 which has made it possible to run any Android application on this OS, but we have not had any news of it since its inception.

Operating systems such as Tizen or Ubuntu Touch have no choice but to utilize applications of other operating systems. In the case of Tizen it will be very simple once they are compatible, because Samsung already has a very large library of applications in the app store called Galaxy Apps that is pre-installed on all Samsung Galaxy.


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