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Gmail payment app

We could summarize the new Google payments service based on Gmail. The Internet giant gives a further blow to your electronic wallet, Google Wallet, given that from now on we can send and receive money through Gmail with the same dynamic as the one involved in sending an email. We tell you all the details below.

Electronic money is becoming more and more important, and mobile has become the epicenter of this revolution. Payments with the smartphone have taken off with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay and to a lesser extent with Google Pay. However, there are other types of economic transactions that have gained in recent years. We refer to the sending and receiving of money between friends through the mobile.

A situation that occurs in everyday life with relative frequency, such as payment of the account of a dinner, a gift together or other types of situations in which we see the need to pay a relatively small amount. Until very recently that type of debt was paid with cash. Now there are alternatives like Yaap or Twyp, mobile apps that allow us to send money to the person in question.

Gmail send money

This is precisely the goal of Google with its new feature associated with the email service. And is that from now on it is possible to send and receive money through Gmail. The advantage over the other alternatives is its simplicity taken to the extreme, so much so that no additional application is necessary.
Send money through Gmail


The process, which nicely illustrated in the two attached dynamic images is completed in the same way as sending an attachment via an email in Gmail. The difference is that the button attached to attachments now integrates the “Send or receive money” option. To complete the action it is only necessary to know the email address of the person to whom we wish to request the sending or receiving of money.

The only additional option of sending money through Gmail is the possibility to associate a bank account number so that the money automatically passes to the bank in question and not to the Google Wallet purse,

For now, the option to send and receive money through Gmail has been activated today in the web version and the Android smartphone app in Gmail. Also, the payment service of Google is released in the US. To know more you can visit the official Google blog.


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