Shannon Loftis: ‘Crackdown 3’ will debut in 2017 and will be amazing

This 2017 should be a very important year for Microsoft as some experts believe that Project Scorpio will go on sale this 2017, the new console of the North American firm. As every time a new machine is presented, it breathes a certain air of mystery around the company, and the games that will be coming over the next few months.

It’s true that 2017 has not started badly, with the launch this February of ‘Halo Wars 2’, but the truth is that beyond the title of 343 industries and Creative Assembly, we do not know about other games like ‘ Sea of Thieves’ or ‘Crackdown 3’.

Well, today, Microsoft once again insisted that Crackdown 3, the ambitious third-person open-world action game developed by Reagent Games will hit Xbox One and Windows 10 at some point in the present 2017. Many rumors surfaced a long time ago, pointing to the game might have the same fate as ‘Scalebound’, however, Shannon Loftis, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios, has made it clear in an interview with Major Nelson that the game will be launched this year.

“The game will come this year.”

And that, has been the only contribution he has made on ‘Crackdown 3’ in that interview.

We also collected other declarations of Loftis where he went a step further and even dared to explain that ‘Crackdown 3’ will be an amazing video game.

“If you remember how it was the original delivery of ‘Crackdown’, the open world, the vehicles … Now imagine all that multiplied by 10. That’s Crackdown 3, the game is going to be amazing. You can layout a huge futuristic city, with much smarter enemies, and huge amounts of explosions and destruction. “

‘Crackdown 3’ still has no release date, worse it is very likely that in the next E3 we can some hints.


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