ShowBox APK 2018 latest update, rumors and news

Showbox apk 2018 movie streaming app updates, latest news and rumors December 2018

Video streaming has become the norm of today because of the increasing use of Android devices. People love to watch online movies and TV shows on their Android devices with video streaming apps. Although there are tons of apps out there to serve this purpose Showbox apk is one of the best video streaming apps. Millions of people used to utilize this app to stream the latest movies and shows on their smartphones. Nevertheless, the app is full of controversies since it was released. But last month was really frustrating for the developers of the Showbox apk 2018 as they have to face legal issues as they provide copyrighted content for free.

Showbox apk 2018 updates, latest news and rumors December 2018
ShowBox APK 2018 latest update, rumors and news

Showbox apk stopped working at the end of November 2018

At the closing of November, Showbox has stopped working for a few days. Moviebox is known as the best alternative of Showbox apk 2018 for iOS devices and the same thing has happened with this app. It has stopped during the same days. But after a few days both the apps started working again and the users have started to think that there were issues in their functionality.

Unluckily, after some days both the apps have stopped working again and this time the users have compelled to think that their favorite streaming apps contain legal issues.

Why Showbox shut down: legal issues against showbox

Indeed, the reason behind the showbox not working or shutting down is the use of copyrighted content. The developers of Showbox are providing Copyrighted stuff for free which is illegal and the producers of movie studios have started a lawsuit against them. As a result, the team has to reveal that they are shutting down Moviebox and Showbox apk.

Apart from the developers of Showbox, its users have to face a lawsuit if they download showbox and watch the copyrighted videos with Showbox.

What is happening right now with Shwobox apk

After observing the results there was a frustration among the users but they can’t leave to watch online movies and shows and they started to look for the alternatives of the Showbox. Most of the users have understood that the legal services are best for watching movies and they turned to subscription-based services like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

But the developers of the Showbox were not happy with their decision and after all the commotion, they decided to update the Showbox and release it again. This time they are suggesting to the users to go for a VPN service to protect their IP and avoiding legal trouble. Recently, some lover has twitted that their favorite app is turning back with huge surprises but everyone is ready to face the risk again.


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