Showbox is not working: Switch to Netflix and Amazon prime (alternative)

Showbox is not working, it is currently down: Try Showbox APK alternatives Netflix and Amazon prime

People of all age groups love to watch online movies and videos on their smartphones and PC. There are lots of video streaming apps to download unlimited videos and TV shows for free but Showbox is the most popular name in terms of video streaming. The app allows its users to watch and download the latest stuff for free and without any registration. But nowadays there are some issues with Showbox and it is not working currently. Don’t worry guys, there are many alternatives to Showbox which give you almost the same facilities. If you are in search of Showbox substitutes then here in this article we will tell you about some other movie downloading apps.

Showbox is not working: Try Showbox APK alternatives Netflix and Amazon prime
Showbox is not working: Switch to Netflix and Amazon prime (alternative)

Showbox vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Brief Description

There are tons of video downloading services but Netflix, Amazon prime and Showbox are the well-known names and people trust them to stream videos. All the three have their own specialties but if you want to select one them here is the brief overview of all the three apps.


One of the most popular app to download and watch movies and TV shows without paying anything. You don’t need any registration to use this app and Showbox support multiple devices. The app gives you the chance to see all your desired videos in the HD quality. There are daily updates of latest videos so that you can enjoy fresh stuff. Different resolutions available from low to high quality. You can choose according to your device.

Features of Showbox

  • No need to sign up just install and watch.
  • There is no limit to download videos.
  • Showbox comes with easy to use interface and even a newbie can operate it.
  • Movies are categorized on the basis of genre, name and year.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems.

Showbox vs Popcorn time best movie streaming app (Showbox apk alternative)


Netflix is the perfect substitute for Showbox but the difference is that you have to pay a monthly subscription of $5.99. If you want to enjoy this service on two screens then you have to pay $6.99 every month. You can use Netflix on Laptop, PC, Smart TV, Xbox, Mobile phones etc. You get thousands of movies and TV shows via Netflix and many of them are in HD quality. You can pause, rewind and apply all the actions like a DVD. You don’t need to worry about security as it is a quite secure service.

Features of Netflix

  • Limitless streaming of Movies, TV shows, Comedy special and original programmes also.
  • Allows you to generate up to five profiles on a single account.
  • Excellent selection of videos
  • Secure option

Amazon Prime

Amazon offers almost the same services like Netflix and you have to pay $5.99 for a monthly subscription. Those who are fond of online shopping, Amazon is the trusted name and by paying $99 you get free shipping, free Kindle book every month, limitless access to Amazon music and videos for one year. You can enjoy a huge number of movies and shows and original programmes on Amazon Prime. Nevertheless, Amazon prime gives a free trial for a month.

Features of Amazon Prime

  • A wide variety of content.
  • You can watch plenty of genuine shows.
  • Quite secure to watch all the stuff.

Netflix VS Amazon prime: which is the best video streaming service

WHY SHOWBOX IS NOT WORKING? Is it Connection Error?

This question is really becomes a mystery for the people. This error showing continuously on the internet, people are trying to resolve this error and trying to open the app to watch their tv shows and movies. The only message people are watching is:

‘Connection error. Check your internet connection!’ error.

The message reads: “Connection error. Check your internet connection!”

There has been no indication whether or not the connection failure is permanent or just a temporary glitch.

Fix ShowBox APK common Server Errors

‘Video not available’ and ‘try another server’

This problem might occur because of your internet connection. So to solve this error follow all the steps carefully given below.

  1. The first thing which you have to do is use VPN. There are lots of free and paid VPN available on the internet, choose any of them. One VPN which I would recommend you is Psiphon. If it does not work then try another one.
  2. Once you install the Psiphon, open it and select any country. Canada and the United States would be the best option.
  3. Once VPN gets connected, open the app in your device and clear cache and data of it.
  4. Once you complete all the above steps, open the Showbox app again in your device and it will start working.

‘Not working’ and ‘no downloads’

  1. Go to setting on your android device look for apps or manage apps and then click on Showbox.
  2. One another screen will appear with the option called ‘clear data and clear cache’.
  3. Do clear data and your problem will be solved.

Final verdict

Well, folks if Showbox is not working then you can switch to Amazon Prime and Netflix, the best apps to stream videos and movies. Both services are paid and you have to buy a monthly subscription to watch their content. Still, any query regarding these services then comments below and if you have any best alternative of Showbox then tell us. For more updates stay connected.


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