Showbox Apk is back officially: check what happened exactly?

It was 29th November when news comes that Showbox apk is not working, the users thought it is temporary error that will be fixed soon but as the days go on the app behaved the same. the users assumed that the showbox is shut down by the app developers like moviebox. But on 3rd November some of the users tweeted that showbox start to work and the showbox apk error has been resolved but some other users stated that the showbox is still not opening. Such rumors about showbox do not stop and few days ago again the report comes that showbox is down. But on 13th November the showbox tweeted official the showbox is back.

showbox fixed the legal issues and it's back now
Showbox Apk is back officially: check what happened exactly?

showbox fixed the legal issues and it’s back now

In previous articles we have stated about the lawsuits against showbox, showbox not working issues and other showbox concerns. The showbox developers saying that the app goes down for few days due to the legal conflicts but now the legal issues has been settled and the showbox is back. the company promoting the app again.

Lawsuits against showbox

In may 2018 a lot of movie studios like Dallas Buyers Club, Cobbler Nevada, and Bodyguard Productions filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the founder as well distributors of ShowBox whixh includes the websites like,, and

However the showbox didn’t disclosed the term of legal settlement with movie studios but it started to promote the app but the app developers gives a warning to showbox users using showbox is not fully trust able.

ShowBox isn’t something users can trust when it comes to copyright protected movies/media. So download the app at your own risk from third party app stores. the app is not available on google plat store.

Download showbox apk 2018 from third party apps

now you can download the showbox apk latest version from third party apps by downloading apk files the app is not available on google play store.

Features of Showbox

Before going for this app take a sight on its features.


As you know Showbox is the warehouse which stores the huge variety of movies and you can watch each and every kind of movie on it. With movies feature, you can shuffle the directory and easily enjoy your desired movie.

TV Shows

Another option on Showbox is TV Shows and when you hit it then you a list of TV shows occur for you. It all depends on you what season or episode you want to watch and within seconds your TV show is ready to amuse you.


If you want to save all your favorite movies and TV shows on one place then you can add them on favorites. It is the easiest way to quick access to your desired ones.


One of my favorite features is updates as it will inform you about all the updates of your shows like release date, time change etc.

Multiple device support

With Showbox, you can watch movies and TV shows on multiple devices like an android device, Laptop, Tablet, PC, and MAC. For using it on your window device you have to take help of emulators.


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