Showbox Review And Its Latest Features

With the advancement of technology, our living standard has changed a lot. A few years ago we went to the theatre for watching movies and after some time theatre replaced with PVR and Malls. But among of us, there are lots of people who don’t want to spend a penny for watching a movie. There are lots of streaming apps which leaks the movies and show us movies free of cast. Here we will discuss the Showbox app, its features and is it legal or not.


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What is Showbox?

Showbox is an android app which streams movies, TV shows, and cartoon movies and you can watch them for free. You can enjoy movies and shows on your smartphone, tablet, or on your window device. This app offers you a variety of Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, and HBO. With Showbox, you can stream your favorite shows and watch them on offline mode. One important point is that all is done through torrents and it is not legal. If you are comfortable then you can go for it.

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Features of Showbox

Before going for this app take a sight on its features.


As you know Showbox is the warehouse which stores the huge variety of movies and you can watch each and every kind of movie on it. With movies feature, you can shuffle the directory and easily enjoy your desired movie.

TV Shows

Another option on Showbox is TV Shows and when you hit it then you a list of TV shows occur for you. It all depends on you what season or episode you want to watch and within seconds your TV show is ready to amuse you.


If you want to save all your favorite movies and TV shows on one place then you can add them on favorites. It is the easiest way to quick access to your desired ones.


One of my favorite features is updates as it will inform you about all the updates of your shows like release date, time change etc.

Multiple device support

With Showbox, you can watch movies and TV shows on multiple devices like an android device, Laptop, Tablet, PC, and MAC. For using it on your window device you have to take help of emulators.

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Showbox is safe or not all depends on the source from where you download this app. Normally when you want to download an app, visit the Google play store and download from there. But Showbox is not available on Google play store because google play store doesn’t support any doubtful or pirated site. If you want to download this app then you have to take help of a third-party site.

You can’t directly contact the developer of Showbox because it doesn’t have an official website. There are about 1240000 searches on google for Showbox Virus and lots of videos available on Youtube how to download Showbox without a virus, that shows that it is not safe. There are lots of bugs in this app. Also, many complaints occur by the users like audio problems, broken subtitles, ads, and video quality etc.

This app comes is in the grey-market category and all responsibility will be yours if your mobile phone has some issue. You can download Showbox if you are familiar with all the details of your phone.

Is Showbox Legal?

Although you have so many reasons to download Showbox as it amuses you free of cost and you can watch every type of movies and shows on it but is it legal? One noticeable thing is that if you are downloading or watching any copyright material without paying anything, definitely illegal. Piracy is a punishable offense. There is lots more streaming site like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime which are trustworthy sites but you have to pay a monthly subscription for using them.

In the last few years, piracy has lessened because you can get content legally then why you involve in illegal affairs.

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At the end of the day, I would like to say it is good to entertain you with fair methods. Showbox is fine but it comes with some copyright issues and virus which can corrupt your device. Make sure you are not compromising with your values before using it. A huge teamwork to make a movie and their income come through movie tickets, DVD sale etc. If you watch them without paying it is a crime.

Well, any query regarding Showbox then comment below and also share your experiences if you have ever used it or currently using it.




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