Similarities And Difference Between Appvn And 9 Apps Play Store

Google Play Store is the most used app store for downloading apps and games. But if you want to go with other similar app downloaders than Appvn and 9apps are the best one. Every app and games that you found on Google app store are available on both these platforms. And these apps have their own range of users who love to get apps from appvn and 9apps. The working model of these apps is similar to google play. So you must be wondering which is the best alternative play store, so let us check the difference between Appvn vs 9apps play store. We will proceed by looking some of the features and aspects of both this app store.

Features of Appvn:

Here let us check some of the features of appvn that you will experience while using this app.

  • Appvn can be used it in various languages such as Indonesia, English.
  • You can also download e-book, ringtones, songs, and wallpaper.

Features of 9apps:

It is one of the best app downloader and below written are some of the key features of 9Apps.

  • You will get the top apps and games with the list of recommendation and reviews by professionals.
  • It has a very high number of downloading rate with the spread DNS network.

Similarities Between Appvn And 9 apps:

Appvn and 9appboth are similar apps and are the very good alternative to Google play store. These apps have near to the same kind of features that will help you to download and install various apps and games.

  • In both these apps, you will get all kind of newly released apps and games.
  • Appvn, as well as 9apps, are very small in size and consumes less space in your phone memory.
  • Both of these are available for IOS and Android devices.

Difference Between Appvn And 9Apps:

  • One of the things is that in Appvn all the premium apps you can get for free of cost but in 9apps to get some of the apps you may have to pay some extra money.
  • Appvn also has a very simple to use interface which is much simpler than 9apps according to many experts.
  • Whereas 9apps has one of the best features which is it will give you some recommendation of other apps that you can use on your device. But this facility is not available in Appvn store.
  • Both this app has a huge database but the download numbers of 9apps are much higher than appvn.

So these are the some of the common differences that you will get while using both these apps. But none of it matters as both are very highly popular apps.

Above I have discussed the features of both Appvn and 9apps to get an in-depth look at their similarities and differences. Now you know the main differences of both of these apps, so choose according to what you want. If I missed something then let me know by commenting in the comments section below.


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