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7 Sites Like Mangago to Read Your Favorite Manga For Free

Sites like mangago

Mangago is a great place to go if you’re looking for the newest Manga. The majority of recent manga publications can be found on the site. Also, all-time popular mangas such as one-punch man, Attack on Titan are already available on the website.

Even though mangago works fine everywhere, it can get geo-blocked by your IP. In that case, you can switch over to dozens of mangago alternatives. However, if you want to replace it altogether, these 7 websites would be the best options:


This global business, which was previously one of the most popular sites like Mangago, has been reconstructed by KissManga. Along with several other counterparts worldwide, this website has helped internationalize Japanese comics. So now Manga isn’t simply a Japanese thing anymore.

If you’re new to Manga, no other website on the web is more user-friendly. It’s updated every day and features mangas that have just been released so that you can spot them quickly. The manga comics may also be found by searching alphabetically.

The largest manga database on the internet, KissManga, offers over 100,000 series. Solo leveling, demon tales, above all gods, one-piece, variety, devil tales and gods, apotheosis, martial peak, and more are among the most famous Manga.


Another option to Mangago is Mangareader, which allows you to read Manga online. To read Manga on this website, you must first join up or register. It has a primary user interface that makes it simple to pick one of the comics with the shortcut tabs or search for the Manga you’re looking for using the search box.

All of the most popular and current manga volumes are available. This collection includes a wide range of Manga, including horror, music, adventure, science fiction, mystery, action, history, romance, fantasy, drama, and shouting.

You may search or filter Manga based on various criteria with the filtering option, including genre, status, and more. For example, you can choose “Surprise Me,” and a random manga will appear for you to read a random manga comic.


CartoonCrazy is the 3rd Mangago alternative website on this list. When you open this website, you will see the trending Manga. Although, on the sidebar, there are lots of ‘Hot New Comic,’ you can also filter by demographics. This implies if you wish to check out comics just for males or comics just for females or merely leave the option on for both.

By clicking the filter option, you can pick various languages, including English, Indonesian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish Vietnamese, Portuguese Italian, Traditional Chinese Polish, German, and many more.


Another fantastic site like Mangago is MangaPanda. It offers you many categories to help you discover the Manga you’re looking for. In addition, tIn addition, the home features a variety of filtering capabilities for separating Manga based on whether they are widespread, complete, or ongoing, among other things.

You may also look for Manga by genres, such as action, history, horror, music, mystery, adventure, science fiction, romance, and fantasy. You may also use the search box to find your favorite Manga quickly.


MangaOwl is one of the most comparable and most fabulous websites like Mangago. This website has traditionally focused on providing you with the best manga reading experience possible. Unlike many other top-rated paid websites, it also includes a night mode, which allows you to activate the night mode while reading in the evening.

The newest Manga appears on the main page, including all of the most recent and popular titles. If you click on a manga, you’ll be taken to a manga sheet where you can learn more about it. Then, from there, you may choose the chapter number and the page number at which you want to read.

It has many popular Manga, such as My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, Under the Green Light, Black Mirror, One Piece, One Punch Man, Tokyo Ghoul Attack on Titan, Naruto, and Boruto are just a few.


Mangago’s webtoon is one of the most popular sites on Mangago, where hundreds of stories are published in 23 categories such as comedy, romance, fantasy, horror, thriller, science fiction, action, etc. It’s a gathering place for manga comics ranging from short novels to wise people. You may discover thousands of designs right at your disposal.

In Japanese, it is known as Line Manga and Naver Webtoon. It’s also known in English as simply “Line,” “Line Manga,” “Naver Webtoon,” and so on. The webtoons include Noblesse, the suspense thriller: Sweet Home, the worldwide craze of the rom-com: true beauty.


You may access thousands of Manga every day with Mangastream. It’s one of the greatest sites like Mangago, which offers a wide range of current and popular Manga; just scroll down and look for the title you’re interested in. They have both old and new titles available.

You may filter the search by selecting new Manga or category options at the top of the screen. You can choose a letter from the classification to find any manga right away. It contains more than fifty-five genres, including action, historical drama, horror, music, mystery, experience sci-fi, love, shounen slice of life, dream, and dozens of other popular genres.

If you cannot select a manga, click on surprise and get a random one. One Piece, Shokugeki no, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Ruler of the Land, Tales of Demons, and Gods are the most famous Manga.

Frequently Asked Question

Is a Site like Mangago legal?

No. It isn’t. And Mangago is a manga reading website that allows you to upload and read manga chapters of your choice.

Mangago is down in my region. What should I do?

If you can’t access the mangago website in your region, there are two ways you can go forward to. You can either install a premium VPN service to change your IP address or switch to any mangago alternative websites.

Can I use Mangago to read manga chapters in the English language?

Yes, you can. Not just English, mangago also supports other popular languages.


I hope the mangago alternative websites mentioned at the top helped you successfully replace the original website.

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