SK Hynix Introduces the First GDDR6 GRAM Memory Chips

sk hynix

Memory manufacturer SK Hynix has just announced that it will start manufacturing the first 8 GB chips of GDDR6 GRAM memory at its 20 nm node in order to begin marketing it to a customer (it has not revealed its name) next year 2018. The GDDR6 is estimated to be able to flex with ease, the file transfer ratio that inhabits the current GDDR5 and 5X memories. Hence its scope in the computer industry will be very high.

GDDR memory is a specialized DRAM for processing a large amount of graphic data quickly as oppose to what graphics cards control on personal computers, workstations, video players and high-performance gaming machines. Especially, GDDR6 is a next-generation graphical solution in standards development at JEDEC, which runs twice as fast as GDDR5 with 10% lower operating voltage. As a result, it is expected to quickly replace the current GDDR5 and GDDR5X.

Do we need faster graphic memory on our cards as of today?

The reality is that, as of today, no graphics card is seen lacking bandwidth in the graphic section and in storing textures in their memory chips. A great comparison is that the Radeon Fury X with its HBM memory was not able to face the top of the range NVIDIA models of the previous generation, not even when it came to very high resolutions.

However, GDDR6 has not only been developed to be mounted on graphics cards but also in other types of components that only have to do with the computer market in a tangential way. Some places where it can be used includes as an equipment for the development of Artificial Intelligence, smart cars, devices for Virtual Reality and television sets with resolutions higher than 4K where high-speed data transfer has become a real bottleneck for these industries.

The clear is, at the moment the first memory chips are available, so everyone will want one. I can only wonder about the mysterious manufacturer behind SK Hynix and that he is so interested in this type of memory to make sure the first chips are at disposal.


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