Skyfin, The Malware that Buys Apps without Noticing

Skyfin, a Malware App

There is new malware that is affecting the Google Play Store. Its name is Skyfin, the malware that buys apps without you noticing. This is the codename of the latest virus that is affecting the Android operation, and that is quite dangerous, because it can download or buy apps from the Play Store without the user to notice. In addition, it also gives money to malware hackers, simulating advertise viewing to make money.

As we were told earlier this morning by the guys at Dr.Web, Skyfin malware can download or buy apps from the Play Store. But it does not install it so the user will not find out. It works in such a way that it steals the mobile ID and the user’s account, in addition to the authorization code and other important data.

This malware has been found in apps posted to other stores (from third-party apps) that are not on the Play Store. And it is quite dangerous as we tell you, because it can run commands and make purchases in the Play Store. In addition, it can also put comments and mark false stars in applications. This malware has more to it, as it advances, it simulates false touches in advertising, in the typical banners that appear in the applications, so that those who have created it can make money.

During these days and more than ever, avoid the APK

Our recommendation is to be very careful these days with the APKs that you install, because who knows if one of these has this malware and can buy apps under your name. Be very careful with the apps you install outside the Play Store, because in principle, on the Play Store we should be protected 95%, because 100% protection is unfortunately not possible.

In case of falling into the trap on this malware, a hard reset should solve everything. Be careful these days, at least as long as you do not know exactly how to find it on the device, avoid installing third party APKs and install apps only from the Play Store.


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