Skype for Chrome already allows you to integrate links to calls in tweets, emails and calendar events


From Microsoft every effort is being made to make it easy for users to use their popular messaging service, Skype. In this sense, they have just updated the Skype for Chrome extension giving them the ability to generate and share links to Twitter calls, mail and calendar services, in addition to continuing the other capabilities it has been offering to date.

The idea is for users to find themselves with a simple Skype button on some of the web platforms they usually come to, so that through that button they can create and share caller links to Skype calls directly in their messages and Events without having to go alternating between different applications and browser tabs.

The new capability is compatible with both Twitter and the email services of GMail, Google Inbox and as well as calendar services from Google and In this way, it is intended to be more useful if it is facilitating some tasks, thereby improving the productivity of the users themselves, and incidentally, encourage the use of Skype against rival services, which are also stepping up.

The updated extension is already available through the Chrome Web Store, so those who do not have it installed will have one more reason to have it now, while those already installed are likely to have it updated automatically.

You can check the official Skype Blog for more information about this version of Skype for Chrome.


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