Skype for Linux now allows video calling

Skype for Linux

Yes, it seems strange to announce that a version of Skype allows to do something that other versions do for many years, but the one of Linux is special.

Microsoft has released version 5.0 of Skype for Linux, a version still in beta that can be downloaded from and includes interesting news.

We can read the official Skype blog where they indicate that its goal is to offer a rich Linux experience as on other platforms (windows, mac and mobile). This app has been in the alpha version for six months and now we have the beta version highlighting three main pillars:

– We can already videoconference with any Skype user, whether it is from Linux, Android, iOS, Windows or Mac, although it is important that all have the latest versions installed. We can also make calls to landline and mobile numbers using Skype credits.

– Improve the system of collaboration between users, since it is now possible to see screens shared by other Skype clients (Windows 7.33 and above, Mac 7.46 and above).

– Usability also improves, as we can see the number of unread conversations, and the online contacts show the Absent and Do Not Disturb state.

They are basic functions that the other versions have been available for some time, so it seems that the most important announcement today is not what they have managed to include and yes the promise that they will concentrate more on keeping Skype for Linux updated.


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