Small Update: Document Templates Can Now Also Be Accessed From Google Drive

For a couple of years, Google has been offering a variety of office apps to help you create documents faster and easier. However, these templates are only available from the start pages of the individual apps and thus require a series of clicks or the direct access to the special start pages. Now these templates are also integrated directly into the Google Drive website.

Google has worked together with its own designers and experts to create templates that will help the user work and help in the creation of documents and tables. It is therefore surprising that these have been relatively well hidden for years and are not easily accessible. They are still to be seen on the start pages of Docs, Sheets and Slides.

However, since a large proportion of the user documents are directly to be generated from the Drive website, these templates are now also integrated there. However not directly as in individual apps, but only in the form of a link in the menu. In the pop-up menu of the NEW button, there is now a sub-menu for the individual document types in which the user can select whether to create a blank document or a document based on a template.

If you select a template, an overlay opens with the known selection. The update has been rolled out since yesterday and should be available to all users over the next three weeks.


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