Smartify app acts like ‘Shazam’ for recognition of art

Smartify app for art recognition

Smartify will be the name of the new mobile application that will complement the visits to the main museums in the world. The idea is that users use the cameras of their mobile phones to capture the works of art they are viewing and through the use of image recognition technology will obtain additional information about such works of art. It is an application similar to Shazam but it is focused on works of art.

The most curious thing is that it will not be necessary to visit the museums to obtain information about the works of art, since they are reflected in other media, whether posters, brochures, among other possible. The application will be able to detect them and offer the information on said works of art. In addition to providing information about artwork, the application itself also has the ability for users to create their own custom art collections.

For the development of Smartify has been working with a group of partners belonging to galleries, exhibition halls and museums, enabling the app to accommodate the works of art selected from the Louvre in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and for all the works exhibited at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and at the Wallace Collection in London.

Thanos Kokkiniotis, co-founder of the application, hopes that more individual institutions and artists will digitize their work so that they can be made available through digital media while also wanting museums and galleries from around the world to partner with the application so that Information of the works that they exhibit can also be consulted through Smartify. In return, he promises that they will have access to demographic information about the people using the app as well as the artwork they interact with.

Users of the app will be able to use the application without the need for mandatory registration, although in case of login with their user accounts, their data will be anonymous. While recognizing that there are already museums and galleries that have their own applications, as well as other initiatives such as Art Project, Smartify is intended to complement the visits of museums in the real world.


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