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Smashy Road Mod APK Download | Features


Smashy Road mod APK is the modified version of the original Samshy Road game. Smashy Road is simply a game of car chasing by the police. It is a very exciting and popular game where you have to run your car at full speed so that the police cars may not be able to chase your car. The game is about your ability to run away from Police so that you may not be arrested. There are stages in the game where it is not easy to cross the barriers without the help of many good features. For these features, you have to spend your real money to purchase these from the store.

Smashy Road mod APK Download

Smashy road mod Apk unlocked version helps you to overcome these difficulties and provide you features like a pro. You will be provided lots of coins to unlock your favorite high-end cars that are impossible to chase. It will also provide you ad-free game so that you can enjoy your game smoothly.


Smashy Road mod Apk is a game of skills. First of all, you have to choose any car, truck, or Suv vehicle out of 90 vehicles available for you. After choosing your favorite vehicle you are set for a great chase. After started driving your car when you hear the police siren you have to speed up your car. Your car will be chased by several police cars along with a police helicopter.

During the chase, you have to drive your car in different terrains like city roads and buildings, gardens, deserts and many more. Every passing terrain will give you several coins and upgrades that make you more capable of the chasing police cars.

When the game progresses further you will face new challenges that keep you excited throughout. After you became an expert in a Police chase, you are chased by Special forces, swat, army, military jets, and even tanks. These variations of this game always surprise you and make your interest in the game alive. There are several sudden moments in the game where you feel chill in the spine.


The idea of making this car game is distinctive from other car racing games you play in routine. It is indeed a type of car race but not that types where you are speeding up your car to come first in the race. It is a race where your car is chased by the police in some busy place. There are several hindrances you face, different locations arrive, and not only police, but you are also chased by Special forces, Swat, Army, helicopters, tanks, and fighter jets. You will always remain in-game due to some spontaneous moments you face. This will keep your adrenaline level always high.

Features of Smashy Road mod APK

Easy fun game

Smashy Road mod APK is a very easy game having lots of fun. It can be played by anyone of any age group. There are not many complications like other games available today where you have to use all your energy and exhaust yourself. This is a simple game where you have to show your skills and run your car and not being caught by the police. The game is simple but still intensive.

Variety of Racing Vehicles

There are around ninety racing vehicles and if you are feeling bored with a specific vehicle then choose the other one. There are cars, trucks, SUVs, big vehicles, small vehicles, Luxury Sedan cars that never let your excitement down. You can choose a more powerful vehicle as per the stage of the game.

Non-Specific Locations

The best part of the game that amazes you is the location. You never memorize any location even after playing hundreds of times. Every time you start playing the game you have found yourself stuck into some changed location or map. The game randomly chooses different secret locations and makes you surprise all the time. This feature makes this game unique and always young.

Takes less space

Smashy Road Mod APK is a very light game. It does not take a large space in your phone storage. This game only takes little space on your phone and due to this, it doesn’t affect the performance of your phone. Even after downloading, your phone runs smoothly like before.

Online assessment worldwide

You can assess your playing skills with other good players around the world. The only thing you have to do is to create an account in the game and join with other players playing this game worldwide. After this, you are connected with online leader boards of this game and let you know how good you are in this game.

Exciting Sound and music

Every game required some specific sounds and music. These specific sounds provide you some real feel and give some pace in the game. In these games where cars racing involved, these specific sounds are a must. In Smashy Road Mod Apk you enjoy the sounds of racing cars, car breaking, police sirens, superb background music, helicopter chasing sounds, and many more.

Good graphics

The graphics of the game also not disappoint you. The game takes you to several locations like cities, gardens, deserts, buildings and many more. While playing you will not experience too much strain on your eyes and this will help you to play long hours without any difficulty.

Free To Download

The game is free to download. For an original version, you have to go to google play and install the game in a few seconds. But you cannot get all the features in this version and you have to pay money to purchase several features of the game. If you don’t want to spend money on these features then Smashy Road mod APK is the best solution where you can access all the high-end features of the game free.

Unlock all cars free

Smashy Road Mod APK unlocked version can help you to unlock all cars/vehicles in the game for free. In the original version of the game, you have to spend real money to unlock these high-end cars.  Now you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money.

Collect unlimited coins free: You can collect unlimited coins for free after Smashy Road mod apk download. These coins will help you to explore several features of the game without pinching your pocket.

Smashy Road Mod APK Download

Smashy Road Mod APK is very easy to download and install. The first thing is you have to find a trusted source or link to download this app. Remember the untrusted source of download can give your system risk of Malware and Adware. So always search and download the app from a trusted store.

Click on this link to download the gameSmashy Road Mod APK Download (52.1mb)


I actually love to play this car game. It actually keeps me busy for much longer hours. While playing this game I love to perform stunts which I can’t perform in my real life due to speed and other restrictions. I would love to hear from you the reason to play this game.

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